Winter Service Includes

Free Pickup and Delivery within 30 miles of Kurtzer’s.  $20 Charge outside of 30 miles.

You may also drop off your mower at our location.  

Kurtzer’s LLC

24463 CR 11

Haxtun, CO 80731


  • Change Engine Oil and filter
  • Replace Air and Safety Filter
  • Replace Spark Plugs
  • Replace Fuel Filter
  • Sharpen Blades*
  • Clean Engine Ports
  • Add Fuel Stabilizer
  • Check Belts and Pulleys*
  • Check Hydrostat and Gearbox Fluids*
  • Check and Adjust Steering
  • Check Charging System/Battery/Safety Systems

*Replace if needed.  Additional Parts/Labor Charges May Apply.

Pickup area is determined at Kurtzer’s discretion.  If you are too far away.  We will let you know and recommend a closer dealer to care for your machine.

Sign Up For The Winter Service Program Here

We try to be as efficient as we can with Pickup and Deliveries.  We will contact you prior to when we plan on being in your area.  Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

What Our Customers say

My 2008 Walker mower has worked flawlessly since it was a new machine. I am very pleased with its performance and plan on using it for many more years. I get excellent service from Kurtzers.

Ben S.

Walkers mower are the top notch mower in the market, I love my 2006 walker 42inch deck runs great i use it all the time.

Logan B.