Collection Machines

Walker Lawn Mowers have a patented Grass Handling System that virtually eliminates clogging.  The all steel blower is integrated inside the frame to keep the overall footprint compact.  Without the blower and tube hanging off of the deck, the deck mows more evenly, floats over the terrain more easily, and gives you the ability to trim on  both sides.  Check out these great machines today!

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Side/Rear Discharge - Mulching Machines

If you do not want or need to catch clippings, Walker has a great assortment of decks for their Non-Collection Tractors.  Whether you are looking for the agility and versatility of the MB series or the high production mowing ability of the MH Series, we have what you need.  Let us show you how we can increase your productivity just by switching to one of these machines.

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Add Ons and Implements

A Walker Mower is versatile enough to be a year round machine.  With snow blower, blade, broom and many other attachments, the Walker may be the most versatile lawn mower out there.  The compact design and tremendous maneuverability make it easy to clean snow out of those hard to get to sidewalks.  Leave the shovel hanging in the garage this winter.

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Spyker Spreaders

Kurtzer's is proud to carry the Spyker line of spreaders.  Why Spyker? Spyker is the premium brand of commercial broadcast spreaders available on the market today. Since the invention of the original rotary spreader in 1868, the Spyker brand has been known for industry-leading innovation, precision, and durability.

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Kurtzer's LLC is a family owned business in Haxtun, Colorado.  We have been involved with Walker Mowers since 1983, selling them locally and distributing them to our expanding network of excellent dealers.   Our distribution territory currently covers Colorado, Eastern Wyoming, South Dakota, Nebraska, and North West Kansas.  

Whether you are a retail or wholesale customer, we take pride in providing excellent products and excellent service.  If you have any questions, please, don't hesitate to call.